Content Marketing Helps You Meet Consumer Goals

Content Marketing Helps You Meet Consumer Goals

The average B2B buyer has completed 57% of the purchase process before they even begin engaging a vendor’s sales team.
Consumers expect content that is useful, and is customized to their interests. If we don’t provide that kind of content, they will seek out competitors that do. Content is also essential to supporting loyal, trusting relationships between your brand and your consumers. 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, and 90% of consumers find custom content useful.

Are you delivering the content they need to make purchasing decisions?
Content dominates consumers’ online experiences. In fact, 50% of a consumers’ time online is spent engaging with custom content. Without content marketing, how are you going to develop deeper connections between your brand and your consumers’ needs?  According to Gartner, 64% of people say the consumer experience is more important than price in their choice of a brand. And by 2020, that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. If that proves true, no wonder 70% of consumers say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company.

Content is also a leading driver of brand engagement on social media and motivates consumers to take action. Make content interesting, and it is one of the main reasons people will follow brands on social media. 60% of people are inspired to seek a product after reading content about it.

Do you need to target younger demographics?
Millennials are well versed in content. In fact, they expect brands to develop content for them, with 80% wanting to be directly entertained through content marketing.

What about B2B?
B2B audiences also have to embrace content marketing and incorporate it into their purchasing processes. 75% of B2B buyers rely on content research to make B2B purchasing decisions more today than they did even one year ago.

About the Author: Brooklyn White is Marketing Director for Cahaba Media Group and has spent 20 years evolving the craft of content marketing from the print to digital world.  Her passions include writing, design and getting remarkable results from content marketing campaigns that not only generate leads, but educate, inform, and turn prospects and customers into your biggest advocates.