Case Studies & White Papers

Educate Through Expertise 
and Show Results

Case Studies and White Papers are ideal for demonstrating real-life success stories and in-depth industry thought-leadership. They’re equally effective educating customers and employees as part of larger informative marketing campaigns, or as stand-alone recruitment tools, trade show handouts or lead generators.

Gaining Direct Leads
Extended Shelf Life
Dedicated Reader Attention
Thought Leadership Positioning
Overcoming Buyer Objections
Combat Negative Reviews
Increased Brand Credibility



  • After identifying a topic, we’ll interview your customers to gain additional knowledge
  • We’ll write your white paper/case study and send to you for approval
  • The final product will be designed by our art team and will include up to three original graphics
  • You can decide whether to print your paper or to use it online exclusively
  • Our data experts will help you gate the paper so you’ll get every lead possible


83% say whitepapers influence buying decisions.

76% of buyers read a whitepaper to help them evaluate a technology purchase.